Ultimate convenience & performance in one hand 

Rowenta Expert Precision is a high-performance garment steamer that strikes the perfect balance between convenience and outstanding results. The vertical support system provides the ideal flat surface for one-handed steaming with total comfort and ease, with a variety of convenient features designed to improve the steaming experience.

Reference : IS9530Q1



Rowenta Garment Steamer : Combining outstanding performance with the exceptional comfort of one-handed steaming, Rowenta Expert Precision produces dependable results on any fabric.

This high-efficiency garment steamer is equipped with the unique vertical support system, which creates more comfortable steaming by providing a one-handed set-up with uncompromising results.

Ready to go in only 45 seconds, a continuous steam output of 35 g/minute smoothes out wrinkles quickly and efficiently, while the precision shot delivers spot-on precision on demand by letting you choose between concentrated or diffused steam.

Performance and comfort are matched by convenience, as a wide variety of enhanced features comes together with professional hand steamer design to produce the ideal garment steamer package.

Technical specifications / comparison

Heat-up time 45  s
Water tank capacity 3,2  L
On/Off switch Foot operated  
Water tank Removable  
Autonomy 90  min
Anti scale function Draining system  



After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair centre.
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
WARNING! Wait for an hour that appliance completely cools down.
• Remove the steam head from the hanger & unlock the locker and pull out the pole.
• Remove the water tank.
Never fill inside the pole connection.
• Fill in 0,5L of water in the appliance tank inlet.
• Shake gently the appliance to remove the main particles.
• Vertically tilt the appliance to empty water in a sink.
• Prepare a 1L mix of 0,5L of water and 0,5L of white vinegar only. Fill in 1L of mix in the appliance tank inlet.
• Wait for 12 hours minimum for mix efficiency.
• Place the appliance over a sink and unscrew the «Anti calc» cap by turning it anti clockwise.
• Vertically tilt the appliance to empty mix in a sink.
• Fill in 0,5L of water in the appliance tank inlet.
• Vertically tilt the appliance to empty water in a sink.
• Insert the «Anti calc» cap and screw it back.
• Insert the pole in the housing until you hear a "click".
• Position the steam head on its craddle.
• Remove the cap then fill in the water tank.
• Fully screw the water tank cap and insert tank back in appliance.
• Plug in the appliance.
• Let the appliance run until water tank is emptied completely.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.
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Find more detailed information in the Warranty section of the website.