Filter foam (see detail before ordering) RS-2230000469

Filter foam (see detail before ordering) RS-2230000469
Cleans the air expelled by your vacuum cleaner
  • The air outlet filter is located after the motor and is used to filter out dust that is not captured by the motor filter. Its aim is to prevent the vacuum cleaner from expelling dust into the surrounding air. It purifies the expelled air so that more than 99% of dust and fine particles are trapped.
  • Clean, well-maintained filters are essential for the proper functioning of your vacuum cleaner:
  • to be cleaned with water every month
  • replace once per year
  • NB:
  • If your vacuum cleaner's date of manufacture is 1 February 2017 week 5* or later = the RS-2230000469 filter is compatible
  • If you vacuum cleaner's date of manufacture is before 1 February 2017 week 5 = order the RS-2230000469 filter + the RS-2230000470 unit kit.
  • * Your appliance's date of manufacture is indicated underneath the product in the form of a 4-figure code.
  • The first two figures correspond to the week and the last two figures to the year.
  • E.g. "0517" corresponds to week 05 of the year 2017 (see attached label).
  • Designed for bagless vacuum cleaners (see list of compatible appliances below).
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Reference : RS-2230000469

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Designed for 2 product(s)

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