Narrow turbo brush ZR901701

Narrow turbo brush ZR901701
For deep vacuuming
Mini turbo-brush removes pet hair and dust from rugs and carpets.
Rotation 6,000 rpm versus 3,000 rpm.
Tube/mini brush locking system (LOCK SYSTEM).
Compatible only with canister vacuum cleaners:
- Compact Force Cyclonic RO783, RO784, RO785
- Ergo Force Cyclonic RO670, RO671, RO672, RO674, RO679
- Silence Force RO643, RO644, RO645, RO646, RO647, RO648, RO649, RO732, RO734, RO735, RO736, RO737, RO738, RO747, RO748, RO749, RO774, RO776, RO778, RO779, TW647, TW649, TW736, TW747, TW778
- Silence Force Allergy+ RO738, RO745, RO747, RO748, RO749, RO776, RO779
- Silence Force Compact RO632, RO633, RO635, RO636, RO637, RO638, RO639, TW637, TW638
- Silence Force Cyclonic RO725, RO726, RO727, RO728, RO761, RO762, RO763, RO764, RO766, RO767, RO768, RO769, TW726, TW768
- Silence Force Cyclonic Upgrade RO803, RO805
- Silence Force Extreme RO582, RO583, RO591, RO592, RO593, RO594, RO595
- Silence Force Extreme Compact RO562, RO563, RO564, RO565, RO566, RO572, RO573, RO574, RO576, RO577, RO578
- Silence Force Extreme Cyclonic RO812, RO813, RO815, RO821, RO822, RO823, RO824, RO825, RO826, RO827
- Silence Force Extreme Infrarouge RO593
- Silence Force Multicyclonic RO831, RO832, RO833, RO834, RO835, RO836, RO837, RO838, RO839, TW835, TW836, TW837
- Silence Force Upgrade RO474
- X Trem Power Cyclonic RO722, RO723, RO724, RO726, RO728, TW724, TW726
- X-Trem Power RO543, RO682, RO683, RO685, RO686, RO688, TW688
- X-Trem Power 2 RO542, RO5421, RO544, RO5440, RO546, RO5463, RO547, RO5470, RO548
- X-Trem Power Cyclonic RO622, RO6230, RO624, RO6242, RO6252, RO626, RO627, RO628, RO6289, RO695, RO696, RO697, RO698, RO699, TW698, TW699
- X-Trem Power XL RO554, RO555, RO556

Reference : ZR901701

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