Wonderbag Original vacuum cleaner bags x 5 WB406120

Wonderbag Original vacuum cleaner bags x 5 WB406120
Easy to use
Thanks to its patented UNIVERSAL adapter, WONDERBAG is compatible with most vacuum cleaners.
- filters out 96% of microparticles* (pollen, dust mites etc.) to reduce the risk of allergies,
- microfibre material for greater resistance (limits the risk of tears and bursting).

*% of the mass of particles
Designed for vacuum cleaner(s):
- Alto CEH1, CEH2, CEHB
- Artec RO142, RO143, RO144, RO320, RO324, RO325, RO330, RO340, RO343, RO353, RO401, RO403, RO404, RO405
- Artec 2 RO411, RO412, RO413, RO414, RO415, RO421, RO422, RO423, RO424, RO425
- Balloon
- Compact Alto 1300
- Compact Power RO382, RO384, RO385, RO386, RO388
- Firstline
- Galeo CEJ1
- Intenso RS820
- Manea CER1, CER3, CER4
- Optimo CEK1
- Powerclean 1250 097
- Powerclean 1350 097
- Powerclean 1350 Chamonix
- Powerclean 1600
- Powerclean Ascot
- Powerpack Effimax 097
- Powerstyle 1350 097
- Powerstyle 1400 097
- Shock Absorber RO503, RO506
- Shock Absorber 2 RO513
- Silence Force RO452, RO4523, RO453, RO454, RO4721, RO4740
- Silence Force Compact RO442, RO444, RO4627, RO4630, RO4640
- Silence Force Compact Upgrade RO462, RO4627, RO4630, RO466
- Silence Force Extreme RO582, RO583, RO591, RO592, RO593, RO594, RO595
- Silence Force Extreme Compact RO562, RO563, RO564, RO565, RO566, RO572, RO573, RO574, RO576, RO577, RO578
- Silence Force Extreme Infrarouge RO593
- Silence Force Upgrade RO472, RO4721, RO473, RO474, RO476
- Spaceo RO162, RO163, RO165, RO166, RO167
- Spongo RO104, RO107, RO108
- Tonixo RS770
- X-Trem Power RO431, RO432, RO434, RO435, RO543
- X-Trem Power 2 RO542, RO5421, RO544, RO5440, RO546, RO5463, RO547, RO5470, RO548, TW546, TW548
- X-Trem Power XL RO554, RO555, RO556

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Silence Force Extreme Compact RO5735U1 Floor care
Silence Force Extreme Compact RO5735U1 Floor care
Silence Force Extreme RO5931U1 Floor care